Naked Honors Thesis

Artist’s Statement

This thesis was inspired by a new spark of self-confidence and an acceptance of my body. Through this work, my intention is to temporarily dispel the negative connotation the naked body carries in American culture. By depicting nude figures involved in everyday situations, I not only shine a positive light on the naked body but emphasize that one can be unclothed in a non-sexual context. Being naked is freeing and healthy to the mind, body, and spirit.

The unnatural color palette functions as a way to create an emotional atmosphere and provoke reflection within the viewer. Nudity can be a delicate subject, thus my color choices often allow the pieces to become whimsical and humorous. I feel that accepting and even embracing one’s naked body is key to living a happy life.

Click Thumbnails below to view larger.

All images © Magali Rutschman


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