Women on Decks

skateboard installation in Tortuga Gallery

installation in Tortuga Gallery, March 2013

Click on image to make it bigger.

All images © Magali Rutschman

Why paint women on skateboards, you might ask? Well, let me tell you.

The human body has always captivated me.


With their soft curves and strong personalities,

women in particular have a sensuality I strive to portray

in my work as a painter.

I do not objectify women but celebrate them.


I am continually drawn to the fundamental elements of design.

Plays of light and shadow, color combinations,

and tactile textures attract me.

As I interpret the human body, I incorporate these elements.


The original graphics on a used skateboard

that have become marred and gouged through loving use

create a compelling surface upon which to paint.

The elongated shape lends itself well to the

curves of a woman’s body.


These old boards have long histories.

Transforming a well-loved skateboard into a

sensuous piece of art gives it a new beginning.




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